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Demographic Data

During every stage of development, minority and de novo institutions will benefit from the review of demographic data related to their banking markets. Several socioeconomic variables from the U.S. Census American Community Survey (ACS) External Link are arranged by ethnicity to be viewed according to metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) across the country. Data for this section are as of 2011-2013 and will be updated when new figures are released by the Census Bureau.

Find additional demographic data regarding economic conditions pertaining to each state in the FDIC's State Profiles. External Link

Click on any of the states in the map at the right or select an option from the menu below to view the demographic data.

Map of the United States Maine (ME) New Hampshire (NH) Vermont (VT) Massachusetts (MA) Rhode Island (RI) Connecticut (CT) New York (NY) New Jersey (NJ) Pennsylvania (PA) Delaware (DE) Maryland (MD) West Virginia (WV) Virginia (VA) District of Columbia (DC) North Carolina (NC) South Carolina (SC) Georgia (GA) Florida (FL) Puerto Rico (PR) Alabama (AL) Mississippi (MS) Tennessee (TN) Kentucky (KY) Ohio (OH) Michigan (MI) Indiana (IN) Wisconsin (WI) Illinois (IL) Minnesota (MN) Iowa (IA) Missouri (MO) Arkansas (AR) Louisiana (LA) North Dakota (ND) South Dakota (SD) Nebraska (NE) Kansas (KS) Oklahoma (OK) Texas (TX) Wyoming (WY) Colorado (CO) New Mexico (NM) Utah (UT) Montana (MT) Idaho (ID) Washington (WA) Oregon (OR) Nevada (NV) Arizona (AZ) California (CA) Alaska (AK) Hawaii (HI)