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District Coordinators

District coordinators will work with the Partnership for Progress program manager to coordinate outreach activities for the minority-owned institutions they supervise within their District. Activities that the District coordinators may be asked to coordinate within their Districts include:

District Coordinators
Federal Reserve District Name
Atlanta Alan Thomas, Senior Examiner
Boston Glenn Larson, Manager, Supervision, Regulation, and Credit
Chicago Robin Newberger, Policy Advisor
Elizabeth (Lisa) Drake, Supervision Manager
Cleveland Bryan S. Huddleston, Assistant Vice President, Supervision Administration
Dallas Paul Wheeler, Vice President, Banking Supervision
Kansas City Doug Gray, Assistant Vice President, Exams and Inspections
Minneapolis Susan Carter, CBO Central Point of Contact
New York Tony Davis, Community Development Outreach Manager
William Hilton, Supervising Examiner
Bhavin Patel, Supervising Examiner
Lena Vanterpool, Supervising Examiner
Philadelphia Ivy Washington, Supervising Examiner
Richmond Jadrian Jones, Community and Regional Safety & Soundness
Felicia Kline, Consumer Affairs Central Point of Contact-Large Bank Holding Companies
San Francisco Susan Findlater, Senior Risk Specialist
Michele Magidoff, Senior Manager
Paul Dimapawi, Assistant Vice President
St. Louis Michael Eggleston, Manager, Community Partnerships and Investment
Board Oversight
Board of Governors Arthur Lindo, Deputy Director
Joseph Firschein, Deputy Associate Director, Program Direction, Consumer & Community Affairs
David Kaufmann, Manager, Consumer & Community Affairs
Jonathan Rono, Community Banking Organization Manager
Trevor Gaskins, Lead Financial Institution and Policy Analyst
Marlon Willis III, Senior Financial Institution Policy Analyst
Tesia Lemelle, Program Manager Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (215) 574-3931

Media Relations

For media inquiries, please contact Daneil Mazone at (215) 574-7163.


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