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District Coordinators

District coordinators will work with the Partnership for Progress program manager to coordinate outreach activities for the minority-owned institutions they supervise within their District. Activities that the District coordinators may be asked to coordinate within their Districts include:

District Coordinators
Federal Reserve District Name Contact Information
Atlanta Marion Williams, Director of Examinations, Supervision and Regulation (404) 498-7231
Boston Michael Ravid, Regulation and Credit Manager (617) 973-3927
Chicago John Woodruff, Team Leader, General Exam Compliance (312) 322-8461
Cleveland Bryan S. Huddleston, Assistant Vice President, Supervision Administration (513) 455-4397
Dallas Paul Wheeler, Director of Examination (713) 483-3183
Kansas City Doug Gray, Managing Examiner (405) 270-8631
Minneapolis Stephanie Weber, Senior Examiner, Enforcement (612) 204-5178
New York Tony Davis, Community and Regional Development Policy Analyst (212) 720-6369
William Hilton, Senior Bank Examiner (212) 720-7551
Devika Murray-Bacchus, Senior Examiner, Consumer Compliance (212) 720-6566
Philadelphia Christine Astillero, Analyst II — FIS (215) 574-3891
Ivy Washington, Supervising Examiner (215) 574-6642
Richmond Rhiannon Liker, Bank/Spec Holding Company Examiner (804) 697-2720
Lauren Ware, Assistant Vice President, Supervision, Regulation and Credit (804) 697-8996
San Francisco Christopher Sigur, Senior Project Analyst, Outreach Coordinator (415) 974-2895
St. Louis Yvonne Sparks, Assistant Vice President, BSR Community Development (314) 444-8650
Board Oversight
Board of Governors Maryann Hunter, National Coordinator (Contact Janice Branche) (202) 452-2297
Richard Watkins, Assistant Director (202) 452-3421
Anthony Cain, Community Banking Organization Manager (202) 912-4377
Nida Davis, Associate Director (202) 872-4981
Joseph Firschein, Deputy Associate Director, Program Direction, Consumer & Community Affairs (202) 329-5090
Cathy Gates, Senior Project Manager (202) 452-2099
Amy Henderson, Managing Counsel, Compliance Policies (202) 452-3140
Arthur Lindo, Senior Associate Director (202) 452-2695
Erica Tholmer, Supervisory Financial Analyst (202) 452-6471
Nancy Arias, Senior Financial Analyst (202) 912-4309
William W. Lang, Chairman Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (215) 574-7225
H. Robert Tillman, Special Advisor Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (215) 574-4155
Clarence J. Campbell, Program Manager Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (215) 574-3447

Media Relations

For media inquiries, please contact Marilyn Wimp at (215) 574-4197.


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